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Check out this NY times blog piece on the benefits of weight lifting for kids.  Huge information!  Parents, the message is a good trainer will keep your child growing strong and prevent poor movement patterns from taking hold at a young age.  The conditions that make your body hurt are the same conditions your children are learning to cope with or not learning to cope with; sitting at a desk, looking at a computer screen, reading books in bed, playing sports without the benefit of excellent coaching these are conditions that create pain, tension and patterns of holding tension.   Functional Training is the exact modality of weight/strength training that adapts to the evolving need of adolescents in action through the growing years, setting up the knowledge base of good movement patterns, understanding signs and symptoms of injury, and creating the habits of moving with resilience and longevity.

A quote from Lyle Micheli, M.D., the director of sports medicine at Children’s Hospital Boston and professor of orthopedic surgery at Harvard University, as well as a co-author, with Dr. Faigenbaum, of the National Strength and Conditioning Association’s 2009 position paper about children and resistance training.

“There was a time when children ‘weight trained’ by carrying milk pails and helping around the farm. Now few children, even young athletes, get sufficient activity” to fully strengthen their muscles, tendons and other tissues. “If a kid sits in

class or in front of a screen for hours and then you throw them out onto the soccer field or basketball court, they don’t have the tissue strength to withstand the forces involved in their sports. That can contribute to injury.”

Absolutely HUGE!  A fun read!


Thanks to our new and ever-evolving human techno-based lifestyles, we’ve started to grow like the picture below.  Notice how the head is jutting in front of the body.  For every inch forward the head moves beyond the midline, the structure of the neck has to deal with around 10 lbs. of extra load.  Imagine your arm carrying 10 pounds of extra load all day, you start to get the picture.  The amount of strain and tension it takes to hold your head up is immense.   If your trainer hasn’t ever tracked your head position, you might have them check my blog.

Head position is a critical aspect to functional training, there are so many nerves exiting the cervical spine, it’s amazing the blood can even get to them.  Take a minute and google “cervical spine innervation”.  Look at the volume of nerves in the span of the neck, now consider the neck is essentially balancing on top of your torso.

Now consider if you exercise with this head position.  It’s like feeding your body a type of poison that is known for creating all sorts of headaches.  If you use a laptop, your head position is just like this.  Thank you technology for creating another adaptation very few people are aware of enough to help people not damage there bodies.

The modern neck due to computers...

Check out some of these exercises!   They are corrective in nature, influencing your structure to strengthen the groups of muscles that pull the head position into a more biomechanical balanced position, effectively undoing the positions we put ourselves in every day.

#52 Supine Bridge from Live Functional on Vimeo.

Try this one.

#75 Standing Single Leg Lunge from Live Functional on Vimeo.

This one is not for neck realignment, it’s just fun!

#85 Standing Jump Lunge from Live Functional on Vimeo.

Enjoy and in a couple of days I’m going to publish the proper instructions and corrections for these exercises. I’ll give you a hint. Keep the back straight and keep the head over the shoulders, consciously. Not in front of the shoulders, above the shoulders.
Stay tuned… for the corrections in 48 hrs.

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Hey folks, check out corrective exercises of the week from our Functional Fitness USA archives.  We’ll be releasing exercises on the Functional Fitness on Broadway Blog.  Enjoy the benefits of  exploring full body movement integration, applying your mind through your body consciously.  Start slow, sensing the depth of each movement through your structural understanding of tension.  Don’t just push, use your nervous system to feel into the reality of having a living breathing body.

Enjoy the short documentaries about Functional Fitness USA, the concepts, trainers, and our corrective exercise approach.  Hopefully, these short documentaries can illustrate the higher potential of healing motion in relationship to exercise and movement.

Concept Introduction

Trainers and Techniques

Corrective Movement Analysis

Client Testimonials

So many choices in the fitness world, should you work your abs so hard you can’t pee without a whimper?  Maybe hire a personal trainer to make you puke, laugh at you, then make you do it again?  Maybe get your mileage up in that new pair of running shoes and give yourself shin splints?  Is it time to start training for ski season, only if you don’t want to blow out a knee.  How about an iron man, train so hard you hurt your feet.  You may want to consider this, your health has nothing to do with what activity you do, it has everything to do with how you train to do what you want to do.   Progression is everything!

I am dedicated to the sharing of information that helps all who are interested in understanding what is healing about motion and what is not healing about motion.  If you are concerned about enjoying the experience of exploring exercise, movement with purpose, this is your newest addition of blogs sites to follow.  If you are not concerned, good luck out there, many influences out there who know nothing about exercise and a lot about selling a product.  Do you want good marketing or good information based on experience and understanding?  Just another choice and a whole lot of time to waste.

The next thing to do is upon you and the only thing holding you back is making the commitment to making it happen and hopefully,  that commitment not ending in the sadness of injury.  Well, this blog is about the voice of reason, the voice of threshold.  The why behind the victorious and the why behind the injurious, this is the purpose of Healing Motion.  ENJOY!

Hello All,

This article has been going around the Functional Fitness Team.  Although this article was written in 2003, it’s a great read.  It gives you a taste of the changes the entire fitness industry will be forced to make, changes to a completely functional model of movement.  Simply, if your movement plan isn’t based on your structural history, your poor unconscious movement patterns, and your lifestyle choices, then it’s not functional and it WILL eventually create injury!

I have one gripe regarding the article, and it is significant.  Greg Roskopf, MS, suggested you try to do a one-legged squat to show you how not functional you may be.  This suggestion is highly negligent!  Any movement practitioner that suggests you do a move like this without evening seeing you walk is negligent.  I highly recommend that you do NOT attempt a single leg squat.  This is a very complicated move that can do a lot of damage if your structure is ill prepared for such an unstable multi joint move.

Unfortunately, Greg works with athletes at a professional level.  This is very hard!  Just because a practitioner works with a professional team in any sport doesn’t make them an authority on biomechanics and injury prevention.  I believe one of the best running backs in history Terrell Davis injured prematurely under the care of Greg Roskopf and the Denver Broncos “top-notch” medical team.  You can’t have 2 knee surgeries and play a laterally based game 8 weeks later.  Negligent!  Currently, check out the injured list for the Denver Broncos.  Athletes that get injured in preseason training are not prepared structurally for the rigors of their sport and the staff did NOT accurately assess the functional level of their players.  Straight up!  No one is assessing or tracking these players biomechanical risk factors that create an injury prone athlete.  We do and not just for athletes, regular everyday people have the same risks, only you aren’t getting paid to destroy your body!

Enjoy the article from WebMD-  Working out for Real Life Functions.  Here are some free exercises we’ve posted on our website to get you started on being functionally fit.


Slowly integrate the exercises into your work out.  Feel the difference between pushing your body to the brink of exhaustion versus a balanced approach to your exercise practice that considers the true biomechanical limits of your body.

This is one of my favorite videos that we’ve produced.  It’s the analysis video.   Enjoy all the trainers and thank you to Phil and Sarah for allowing us to film your sessions.  More videos to come.

Live Functional- Analysis Video

Enjoy our New YouTube Channel,