Check out this NY times blog piece on the benefits of weight lifting for kids.  Huge information!  Parents, the message is a good trainer will keep your child growing strong and prevent poor movement patterns from taking hold at a young age.  The conditions that make your body hurt are the same conditions your children are learning to cope with or not learning to cope with; sitting at a desk, looking at a computer screen, reading books in bed, playing sports without the benefit of excellent coaching these are conditions that create pain, tension and patterns of holding tension.   Functional Training is the exact modality of weight/strength training that adapts to the evolving need of adolescents in action through the growing years, setting up the knowledge base of good movement patterns, understanding signs and symptoms of injury, and creating the habits of moving with resilience and longevity.

A quote from Lyle Micheli, M.D., the director of sports medicine at Children’s Hospital Boston and professor of orthopedic surgery at Harvard University, as well as a co-author, with Dr. Faigenbaum, of the National Strength and Conditioning Association’s 2009 position paper about children and resistance training.

“There was a time when children ‘weight trained’ by carrying milk pails and helping around the farm. Now few children, even young athletes, get sufficient activity” to fully strengthen their muscles, tendons and other tissues. “If a kid sits in

class or in front of a screen for hours and then you throw them out onto the soccer field or basketball court, they don’t have the tissue strength to withstand the forces involved in their sports. That can contribute to injury.”

Absolutely HUGE!  A fun read!