So many choices in the fitness world, should you work your abs so hard you can’t pee without a whimper?  Maybe hire a personal trainer to make you puke, laugh at you, then make you do it again?  Maybe get your mileage up in that new pair of running shoes and give yourself shin splints?  Is it time to start training for ski season, only if you don’t want to blow out a knee.  How about an iron man, train so hard you hurt your feet.  You may want to consider this, your health has nothing to do with what activity you do, it has everything to do with how you train to do what you want to do.   Progression is everything!

I am dedicated to the sharing of information that helps all who are interested in understanding what is healing about motion and what is not healing about motion.  If you are concerned about enjoying the experience of exploring exercise, movement with purpose, this is your newest addition of blogs sites to follow.  If you are not concerned, good luck out there, many influences out there who know nothing about exercise and a lot about selling a product.  Do you want good marketing or good information based on experience and understanding?  Just another choice and a whole lot of time to waste.

The next thing to do is upon you and the only thing holding you back is making the commitment to making it happen and hopefully,  that commitment not ending in the sadness of injury.  Well, this blog is about the voice of reason, the voice of threshold.  The why behind the victorious and the why behind the injurious, this is the purpose of Healing Motion.  ENJOY!